Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

2. Extending Dynamic Range

Homework.  Masks, and stacking multiple images together.  Different days, different weather conditions, and different saturations of the lawn, all compositedinto one final image.

shade on lawn, lower chimney

sky and trees

trees, part of sky behind trees

part of sky, fence, wall behind chimney, top of one tree, spot of sunlight on the garage door

part of garage door wall., part of lawn, portion of left sky

Final Composited Image #1


The hardest part was having to only try to line a portion of the image at one time, as these would not line up, even with transparency, and Difference layer being used… and I was on tripod using focus marks from the camera and landscape marks to try to be perfect, in lining up the images… One problem was that the camera lens marking blended with the landsscape at a great distance from me, and with the cataract and blindness in the right eye and cataract in the left eye, it’s just amazine that I could get this far, with this project, but it was only with working at it over 12 hours a day, that I was able to perservere.     I just kept taking images until I had six and some of these were rain days… so the composited image has various weather, various moisture saturations besides just light changes.  The roof lost one roof vent in the process but without mentioning this, no one would have known…   In looking at five  images, , in the unflattened digital image, I can clearly see that parts of all five images were used in this “Final Composited Image #1”.  I think that with my great visual impairment, this is a fantastic effort.  I can see good, even in PhotoShop magnification. so if I missed a spot, for this assignment, so be it… I’m afraid to go back now, for fear of “messing it up more”…  each , the visition is a bit worse.  I shall be making another Opthalmology appt. shortly.  If I have surgery now, I would be missing classes…. (so give her an A, for effort, on this one).  Not everyone can ‘do” HDR in layers from multiple images, unless they have great vision.  Be blessed with that.  We take our vision for granted, until we find it hard to see.  The clone stamp here helped clean it up.


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