Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

2.5 Color

What Color Does for Me: Color is therapeutic, healing, lifting of mood in the winter doldrums… pull out a colorful seed catalog and browse through it over a cup of coffee, then get about your other business and I guarantee your spirits will have been lifted and you won’t feel so “wintry”.  After a winter season where much of the outdoor color has left us in a “white out”, color is healing, soothing, calming. Even a week of rain and gray skies can get to people.. … and right now, I need the lift of color, so I work on this page for 30 minutes…. then get about my other business… I LOVE COLOR, and my favorite colors are from natural light, outdoors.  I love imagines depicting the natural light and color as we see it. Who has an image of a colorful sunset reflected on white snow?

The Art of Color

Theory Theory

Subtle Color

Light is Color, Using Natural Light: John Paul Caponigro said, “If you can see it, it is color.”


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