Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College


Introduction to blog.

This is for the public, a run-down on what we study in this course.  Seeing this page makes you a believer…

Home Page

(This is an outline of the site) Please visit this page to see the outline of links.


(photo150) – Similar to everyone else’s in the class.  A blog note on this page holds information about filters, and a prime lens.

Why is Photo 150 called Begging Digital Photography?  Read it and find out… 😉

About Me

We are all different in the same way…

Lightroom Page

Also holds homework: (what is not a link here, may be linked from the Lightroom page)




Organizing and Selecting,


Develop and Edit.

Photoshop Page

Photoshop Technical Exercises


Having only two weeks for a project in photoshop software is like giving John only two weeks to do advanced stuff in QuarkXPress… not time to learn the software adequately… Can’t assume newbies into 150 know Photoshop or Lightroom… I don’t… We did not do Photoshop nor Lightroom in  Photo. 120.  Please help me. (Stuck on 3)

1. Narrative

2. Extending Dynamic Range

3. Seamless Images

4. Collage


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