Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

Work in progress…photography of Cheryl Gribble

“Work in progress” is a page for sharing current projects, in progress.

Currently the semester in school is halting development of the images of projects… School work is taking so much time, I have no time for my own work.  During the winter, I began a project called , which has evolved into the photography of the seasons, and weather of the seasons, including trying to depict WIND…. Wind has extremes which I am not in an area to photograph, nor do I wish to photograph and that is of wind storms and tornados. the wind I try to depict is the wind we see locally with the seasons… now that we know a Jet Stream has brought us radiation from japan, I am not even eager to get into the wind at all.  The atrocious use of nuclear energy and its accidents is wreaking havoc on man and beast and upon the Earth itself.

The album Spring, is underway, with photography of the early harbingers.  Daffodils were the first appearance of Spring in the garden this season, even before the arrival of the Robins.  I have posted to the Web a pair of robins in a tree, and those images should be here for you to see.

Below is a frozen dandelion, under the daffodil image, and that dandelion is surrounded by frozen dew drops on blades of grass, so there was dew before the freeze and the ice.

Frozen dew drops surrounding a frozen dandelion, down for the count.


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