Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

Lightroom Workspace

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1.  How would you view an image at the largest size possible on your screen?

I’d drape it with a white sheet and use a projector,  and no one could possibly view an image any larger than that on my screen. (no software is mentioned in the question)

Full Screen, Hide Panels: (Switch between Normal and this mode): Command + Shift + F (Mac);     Ctrl + Shift + F (PC).

Go to Normal Screen Mode: Command + Option + F (Mac)    or (PC) Ctrl + Alt + F.

2. How do you adjust the size of the thumbnail in the Grid View? (without leaving grid view?)

In the Grid view of the Library mode if you press the E key the image switches to a max. size in the work area. If we press on the G key, it returns to a Grid view.

NAVIGATOR PANEL:  Double-click on image to see it big, and use the spacebar to toggle zooming in and out.  (See more below)

FILMSTRIP:  Select an image in the Filmstrip:   Window GRID:   Up Arrow and = (makes larger); Up arrow and – (makes smaller).

Adjust the thumbnail view by adjusting the Thumbnail slider in the tool bar. Double-clicking on one thumbnail causes it to expand in the work area. (See more below)

Click on the image to see a larger size in the work area. (Loupe view doesn’t count, as the question is for Grid view) Hide side panels: Tab.

by Leaving current view,  adjust the size of the thumbnail that was in Grid View?

Switch from Grid to Loupe view:  Spacebar or Z.

Switch to survey view: use the letter N

The above Loupe and survey views are also larger than the thumbnail in the grid view.

Moving into the Develop module also makes the image larger.

Full Screen Mode is a larger image when the panels are collapsed, hidden:  Command + Shift + F; then to return to normal screen mode: Command + Option + F.

How Do You Adjust the Size of the Images in the Navigator Panel?

Use Fit, Fill, or the nine ratios 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 8:1, 11:1

How Do You Adjust the Size of the Images in the Filmstrip?

You can click on numeral 2 and use the slider, or click on 1, then click on full screen, click on spacebar while in full screen.  Double-click on an image to bring it up full screen.

3. What are the keyboard shortcuts to show or hide the four panels that surround the Lightroom workspace?

Shift + Tab hides all four panels around the image and toggles back to showing them.

Tab – toggles the side panels on and off.

T – toggles the bottom toolbar of the work area on and off., when in Library mode.

4. What do you do if you can’t see the tool you are looking for in the toolbar?

Holler, “Jooooohn” and wave my hand furiously in the air?

Check for the default reset of work area in Windows menu… Also look at the drop down menu under the Tools heading in the menu bar.  Check what you need.

5.  How do you personalize the Lightroom Interface…”very carefully”,”standing on my right foot, with a taco in my left hand”

Change the faceplate:Get into Library Module:   Lightroom menu, Identity Plate Setup… Adjust Font and Size and Color, save as Template; customize Module names; customize End Plate: Ctrol+click, Panel End Mark… may use custom logo… whoop dee doo.


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