Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

Lightroom Questions _3. Importing



1. In what circumstances yould you choose to copy imported images to a new location on your hard drive and when would you want to add them to your library catalog without moving them?

A catalog is created.  Files are put into the master catalog, according to Best Practices, but I don’t.  I put copies into the master catalog and my originals are in a folder on the desktop, long enough to be copies to a second folder.   A copy goes to a DVD writing and a copy is put into Lightroom… The orginals are put onto external hard drive by dragging. I can’t compute the question to my own workflow.  (*I just will not put originals on the computer hard drive, into the software…)  Original are protected on the external hard drive… copies are on the computer desk top, copied to DVD… imported, then into Lightroom….

I can’t think of an answer… It’s 2am and I’ve been going at this question all week… I’m letting it rest. I read the material and this still make sense… I have to learn by doing and seeing, not by reading. Tell us, in class… there’s too many questions and not enough telling us… lecture and explain this. I don’t even understand the question… because I am not processing the language of it.  Copy import to new? and add without moving… well if you not moving them, they weren’t born rthere. they were already imported to a new location, and now you are not moving them…….. crazy question…. Any files can be imported to a new collection but you might not want to move the master folder when creating a new collection???  The collection just points to the master folder, so why move it.

Archiving a folder might be a reason to move it… re-organization is a reason to move a master folder…. changes all the pointers… collections…. mess.


2. Which file formats are supported by Lightroom? Lightroom supports the following file formats: Original, .DNG, .TIFF, .PSD, and .JPEG

3.  What is DNG?  A standardized file format, begun by Adobe,  which insures us that RAW files will be compatible with future hardware and software… DNG is the standardized RAW image file format being adopted by camera and software makes.  The Digital Negative (DNG) is a publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital cameras.  Nikon has a .nef RAW file (proprietary) but photoshop can export a .dng file and Capture NX 2 can import a .dng file.  My .nef files can be used by other software in the .dng format.  RAW.



4. How can you transfer photos – together with their metadata and develop settings- between Lightroom libraries on separate computers?

a) Open Photoshop for edits, from Lightroom.

b) File, Save As is to be used for all Photoshop changes, and it will save copies back to Lightroom with the editing information, and layers, in unflattened image.

c)  Export a library to the desktop and copy it to a CF media card and move it to another computer and copy it to the desktop…..  Not all jump drives will read between computers so I use a CF card.





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