Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

Adobe Photoshop Technical Exercise #7: Contrast Curves



Along with unflattened digital file (.psd?_) upload curve images to blog…  Well, I have to say that .psd files unflattened or otherwise will not upload, and that only flattened .jpgs would upload, so wish the wording changes on the class handout.  I’d Say, upload the flattened digital images but save the unflattened ones on a disk or something like that.  I saved all the .psd files from Project 2, on a CD, labeled PROJECT2, along with all the .jpg files.

Here are the flattened digital .jpg files for the seven curves, and the original image .jpg.

Original image of the sandbar at Yellowstone Lake, in Yellowstone National Park, July 2010

Curve 1.jpg

Curve 2.jpg

Curve 3.jpg

Curve 4.jpg

Curve 5, jpg

Curve 6.jpg is a negative

Curve 7.jpg


Thoughts and Reflections About the Curves

IMAGE 1, first example:  I have not studied darkroom but curve 7 might be a color negative…?? not sure.  Curve 6 is a negative curve. Curve 5 has better water depicted than 4 which blew out midtones.  Curve 3 enhanced water detail, where Curve 2 was good on the background and foreground, but lost color in the midtones.  Curve 1 contrasted the midtones nicely and lost color in the background and foreground. 

Now, for IMAGE 2: I have these comments:









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