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Adobe Bridge

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This page is about Adobe Bridge digital asset management system for coordinating images and applications from this central hub in the Creative Suite.

On page of 419 Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers, the Ultimate Workshop, Martin Evening and Jeff Schewe have included an automated raw processing workflow, which combines Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop.  Don’t miss that one.

Also check the index, in this book  (above) of Martin Evening, as there are several instances of using Bridge, mentioned under that heading in the index, and in reading a couple of the entries, its just part of the workflow.

Your Complete Guide to Adobe Bridge (online PDF to download to your desktop for reading, study)

Adobe Bridge is a form of digital asset management for working with more than one application of Adobe Creative Suite.  Bridge is the single hub for one image, prevents having to have a different copy for each app.  When an image is in Bridge, it is accessible to any Adobe application on your computer.  When you know you are going to be using InDesign for a book project, just import those book photos right into Bridge.  You can still use them in Lightroom, and PhotoShop but now also in Bridge, Lightroom, and PhotoShop and InDesign because Bridge is the common access point for media, to all of the apps.  Read more about Bridge at Adobe… Up above, I found you this great Guide online, and you can download the entire series to your computer desktop, as a single PDF and reading it will make working in Bridge a whole lot easier.  Voila!  Bridge also makes contact sheets…. ha ha… nice.

The New Bridge Export Panel (Podcast)

When you buy Creative Suite you have access to training at Adobe, and a training disk with podcasts, screencasts, video comes as one of the disks of the Creative Suite… there are training videos on one of your Creative Suite disks…buying your own copy has its priviledges.   Bridge/ and Version Cue have been Adobe staples in the Creative Suite series.  Bridge can also handle preparing your images for Web and devices.  With the new export panel, you can send images where you want them, if you have a blog to update from your phone device.  Self-hosted WordPress blogs can be remotely updated.  Blog wallpaper can be designed in InDesign… See my Blog link to the Gestalt Principles blog, for examples of cool wallpapers for blogs and web sites.


What’s available for Bridge?  Bridge is such a tiny program I didn’t see any dedicated books, but many books for photographers, Photoshop in particular , do refer to Bridge and how to use it.

The Adobe Photoshop CS4 book for digital photographers... Lists 16 pages about reviewing Images in Bridge, and that’s not counting other topics such as Raw, Importing, exporting, batch renaming in Bridge, etc.  Author: Scott Kelby… check amazon for the Title.

At Adobe Learning, videos:

Learn Adobe Bridge, CS5


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