Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

About Me

Cheryl G.

Highly motivated, retired nurse, happy to be in this class learning about software solutions in Beginning Digital Photography taught by John Dotta at Napa Valley College, in this Spring Semester of 2011.  I am happy to see that we have a Mac class for six sessions beginning on Feb 18th, on Fridays from 3 to 5pm, ending March 26th, taught by R. Rogers of the Napa Valley Mac Users Group. (

Very pleased to be learning more about Photoshop processing, Lightroom, Workflow, and look forward to working with a talented bunch of students and such a highly qualified instructor.  I will be learning a lot this semester, and enjoying it.

“The friends that I have and I meet, inspire me.  Students and teachers I share a course with, inspire me.  I only hope and dream that my work can also inspire someone else.  I am influenced too, by images I have seen and really liked.  My mind is stimulated by seeing color, texture, light and by hearing sounds which are not loud, but mellow, not shrill, but “gentle”, like the sound of quiet brook.

“My eyes can see something in nature that I can frame in my mind, without conscious effort,   and I want a camera in my hands or a camera on tripod and I want to be having hands on the aperture ring and the focus ring and creating images in the M mode and watching the exposure meter, and feeling the air on my face, outdoors.”

[Cheryl Gribble, 17 Feb 2011]

Image: “Balance” is showing the last winter leaves still on the branches of  the maple tree in the front yard, while the blue light is from water-laden fog, the green is from the front lawn, showing a nice blue/green balance to contrast the hue of the leaves.  Wide aperture displays the desired shallow depth of field. To get the color of the fog showing its true-blue, the exposure is -1 stop. Light is diffuse with the fog.  Moisture droplets can be seen at the tips of the maple leaves.  Vibrance and saturation are not touched nor adjusted as the midtone palette is the desired range for the -1 exposure.


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