Digital Photo 150 at Napa Valley College

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About Me

“I see a thing of beauty outdoors and at once am framing and know how I want it to look…  90% of my work is near the times of sunrise or sunset but occasionally and that is rare, I will go out during the day to play with top light.  I enjoy the longer rays of light and how they affect the landscape.  God did not bless me with liking indoor work… but my studio is the outdoors with what He created.  Now I am a beginner, learning to see light and color, but then I try to  learn at the rate of an agile gazelle, and remind myself to “take it easy”, and absorb more of the basics.”

I see a semester before me, with classmates who have already completed Photo 150 and feel blessed to see all of their work as they step into Photo 151 or 152 .  I notice color and light more now than ever before.  I can appreciate the photo editing of the digital artist.  I pick up magazines showing results of juried exhibits and learn too, from online searches, and from the study of works by other noted photographers and from the fine art of the talented local professional community…  I visit National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer, and some of the magazines I regularly buy and read include Photoshop User and Photoshop Creative.   I particularly enjoy the books by Martin Evening, available at  I look forward to studying photography 150 this semester, as I am entering with a better understanding now of the Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, and the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium and played during the summer with Illustrator, Flash Catalyst and Photoshop.  My Garageband ’11 book includes a podcasting section, and I have a subscription to use the One to One plan in Apple Stores for a year, to get help with projects, attend workshops and get questions answered.  I will frequent the Apple Store in Santa Rose Plaza and at Corte Madera… and hope to make an image book for mother, for Christmas surprise. I will try to podcast my photographer report, or work on a Keynote presentation, or somehow link to one from the other… if that is possible… and use an mp4 file for a lead-in.